ALS is committed to sustainable activities and recognises the need to plan, manage and review those aspects of the business that may have an impact on our people, property, the environment or the communities in which we operate.

Health, safety and the environment

ALS Limited views its responsibility to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, contractors and visitors as essential to its long-term success.

We are committed to ensuring that all facilities satisfy local legal requirements and a corporate HSE Foundation Standard which is applied to all sites worldwide.

ALS Limited strives for continual improvement of its health safety and environmental performance with the goal of eliminating work-related injury and illness by:

  • Complying with the corporate HSE foundation standards;

  • Developing and reviewing measurable objectives and targets that promote continuous improvement of our health and safety performance;

  • Ensuring compliance with legislative and other requirements and current industry standards;
  • Reporting, investigating and discussing all HSE incidents;
  • Providing all new employees and contractors with a comprehensive induction and ongoing training program;
  • Effectively consulting and communicating with our employees and contractors to obtain an agreed approach to the control of workplace hazard and prevention of unsafe practices;
  • Monitoring and evaluating our health and safety program by conducting regular audits and inspections; and
  • Periodically reviewing our policies and procedures to maintain their relevance.

The Safety Program, including the corporate HSE Foundation Standard, is supported by a core value ‘Safety as a Priority’. To assess the safety performance across our businesses ALS has implemented a Positive Performance Indicator (PPI) Scorecard. The scorecard measures four key areas:

Leadership –
the ability to influence, engage and inspire fellow employees through active participation and involvement.

Program compliance –
follow through of corrective actions resulting from incident and non-compliance events.

Education –
completion of training courses to ensure managers provide safety leadership and staff are aware of key elements of the Health and Safety Program.

Safety performance –
monitoring incidents that have the potential to cause the most harm to our workers, such as high potential incidents and significant lost time injuries.

These are lead indicators of our safety system and managers are measured and held accountable on the implementation of these positive measures.

Reducing waste & managing risk

ALS has an internal Sustainability intranet site, where relevant information on environmental management programs are monitored and reported on by our employees.

A key component of the intranet site is the sustainability risk register where all ALS facilities globally have completed an assessment to identify those sites that require ongoing tracking of key metrics including:

  • Energy
  • Waste
  • Water, and
  • Gravimetric dust

The Sustainability Intranet page also links our employees to waste registers, audit tools, suggestion/ initiatives boxes and key sustainability announcements.

The ALS HSE Foundation Standard, the basis for our environmental management system, and our Sustainability Intranet site allows us to track key indicators at global level. Efficiencies and lessons learnt in one ALS site location are shared and welcomed by other ALS businesses across the globe resulting in many initiatives being adopted.

Corporate social responsibility

ALS promotes the adoption and adherence to a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Standard throughout our businesses.

Regardless of where an ALS business operates around the world, it must comply with the principles outlined in the CSR standard, including:

Human rights –
ALS respects human rights consistent with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and work to ensure we are not knowingly complicit in human rights abuses committed by others doing work for or on behalf of ALS.

Labour practices –
ALS acknowledges international labour practice principles in employment conditions to ensure all working arrangements are fair and equitable.

Cultural heritage –
ALS is conscious of the need to conserve cultural heritage of local communities and the indigenous and native peoples.

Anti-Bribery and corruption –
ALS Limited is committed to delivering value to our shareholders while maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct. We are committed to operating a strict zero tolerance policy towards bribery and corruption in all forms, whether directly or through third parties.

Ethical and sustainable supply chain –
ALS will work to ensure our primary suppliers operate in a manner which is consistent with CSR principles.

Engaging with our communities

ALS believes strongly in being a positive influence in the community and encourages all its employees across the globe to contribute to their local communities. Our response to community needs is continually demonstrated by fund raising and volunteering for a wide spectrum of charities and causes, including appeals for natural disasters, neighbourhood clean-up campaigns, children’s charities, community health services, cancer research and others.

australian laboratory services

Global Footprint – Local Service

For more than 40 years, ALS laboratory services business has been providing services to clients around the world, helping them make better more informed decisions. At the heart of our services is testing, but today we do much more than that, we provide state of the art technical solutions, tailored to the modern needs of our clients that ensure our clients run their businesses in the most efficient, socially responsible, market competitive way possible. ALS has built its reputation around technical innovation, quality, a deep client understanding, and by being a true technical services partner to many companies across a broad spectrum of end markets covering most geographies. We are committed to embracing the very latest in technology and bespoke innovative methodologies to deliver high quality testing services to clients, thus ensuring our clients’ activities are as cost effective as possible whilst being absolutely confident they are making the right decisions based on the data that ALS provides. ALS has the ability to leverage a multifaceted international team yet still remain agile enough to provide local expertise and client service that sets us apart. Regardless of how large our organization has grown, we pride ourselves on providing personalized solutions and services to every one of our clients.

Our Vision

ALS is committed to maintaining the strong and sustainable growth strategies which have made us a successful global Company. We will maintain the rewarding partnerships we share with our clients, business partners, shareholders and communities and identify and develop new opportunities.

Our Values

Our Company upholds the values which are the foundation of our proud tradition of excellence. Our people are dedicated to the values of quality, integrity, reliability and innovation which ensure we deliver the highest level of customer service. We value efficiency, safety and diversity in our workplaces. We value the leadership and learning that develops our people and our businesses.


ALS can trace its corporate history back to Peter Morrison Campbell who established a small chemical company in Australia in 1863.

That company, Campbell Brothers Limited, became a publicly traded company when it listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1952.

Australian Laboratory Services P/L started a small geochemistry laboratory in 1976 in Brisbane (Australia) to service mineral exploration companies exploring the eastern part of Australia. In 1981, Campbell Brothers Limited acquired Australian Laboratory Services P/L and began a journey that would see ALS become one of the largest, most highly respected, commercial laboratory services companies in the world.

Following rapid growth and diversification across Australia in the 1980s, ALS expanded into Asia and South America in the 1990s, before expanding into North America, Africa and Europe in the early 2000s and finally the Middle East in 2011.
Whilst ALS has seen its services expanded by both geographic and end market diversification, the company has never lost sight of its core values;

  • Safety as a priority
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Exceeding client expectations
  • Belief in our ability
  • Hard work and continuous improvement
  • Doing it better
  • Celebrating success

These core values are integral to everything ALS does and every decision we make. They are the cornerstone of what sets us apart from other technical services companies and are the foundation for the continuing growth and development of the company.