Environmental Policy



ALS Limited is committed to sustainable activities and recognises the need to plan, manage and review those aspects of the business that may have an impact on the environment in which it operates. To support this goal ALS aims to:

  1. Ensure all ALS businesses comply with the corporate HSE Foundation Standard;
  2. Monitor the performance of all of our activities against established environmental performance indicators to meet planned objectives and targets;
  3. Ensure emissions to the air, land and water are minimised and within legislative requirements;
  4. Regularly monitor and review procedures to minimise or eliminate the uncontrolled release of any pollutants;
  5. Ensure waste products are reused, recycled or disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner;
  6. Conserve resources through the efficient use of electricity, gas and water;
  7. Periodically review our environmental policies and procedures to maintain their relevance; and
  8. Encourage all employees to contribute to the continual improvement of their environmental management system that is aligned with the environmental aspects of the HSE Foundation Standard. This will result in the reduction of our environmental impact.