Quality Policy



ALS provides technical services to a broad range of clients. Those clients expect our services, reports and data to be of the highest standard. Our commitment to our clients will be met by:

  1. Providing clients with accurate, timely, and legally defensible data and services.
  2. Maintaining high standards of professional ethics.
  3. Continually striving for efficiency in process whilst maintaining or improving the effectiveness of the quality management system, improving aspects related to customer and staff safety and minimising waste.
  4. Adopting new technologies for the purpose of meeting market needs, improving efficiency, reducing waste, or improving quality.
  5. Ensuring that staff are fully trained and competent in all aspects of our quality management system and always adhere to documented procedures.
  6. Providing a safe working environment for all staff and minimising any negative impact our activities have on the environment.
  7. Innovating and developing new methodologies to ensure that our service offerings meet emerging regulatory or customer requirements in both capability and detection limits.
  8. Encouraging and assisting staff to develop to their full potential whilst contributing to the long term objectives of the company.
  9. Working with our clients to build relationships which are mutually beneficial.
  10. Following the quality management and operational guidelines set out in the international standards ISO 9001 –“Quality management systems” and ISO/IEC 17025 – “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories”.