For more than 40 years, ALS laboratory services business has been providing services to clients around the world, helping them make better more informed decisions. At the heart of our services is testing, but today we do much more than that, we provide state of the art technical solutions, tailored to the modern needs of our clients that ensure our clients run their businesses in the most efficient, socially responsible, market competitive way possible. ALS has built its reputation around technical innovation, quality, a deep client understanding, and by being a true technical services partner to many companies across a broad spectrum of end markets covering most geographies. We are committed to embracing the very latest in technology and bespoke innovative methodologies to deliver high quality testing services to clients, thus ensuring our clients’ activities are as cost effective as possible whilst being absolutely confident they are making the right decisions based on the data that ALS provides. ALS has the ability to leverage a multifaceted international team yet still remain agile enough to provide local expertise and client service that sets us apart. Regardless of how large our organization has grown, we pride ourselves on providing personalized solutions and services to every one of our clients


ALS is committed to maintaining the strong and sustainable growth strategies which have made us a successful global Company. We will maintain the rewarding partnerships we share with our clients, business partners, shareholders and communities and identify and develop new opportunities.


Our Company upholds the values which are the foundation of our proud tradition of excellence. Our people are dedicated to the values of quality, integrity, reliability and innovation which ensure we deliver the highest level of customer service. We value efficiency, safety and diversity in our workplaces. We value the leadership and learning that develops our people and our businesses.