Microbial Analysis


Detection of Protozoa in Water

Parasitic Protozoa Disease
Parasitic diseases contribute significantly to the
burden of infectious diseases worldwide. Enteric
protozoa continue to be the most commonly
encountered parasitic diseases and to cause
significant morbidity and mortality throughout
both developed and developing regions of the
world, affecting millions of people each year . Click here for details

Detection of Vibrio cholera

Vibrio cholerae and Cholera
Vibrio cholerae is a pathogen of the
human disease cholera. Vibrio cholerae is
well-known as a waterborne pathogen and
is also increasingly recognized as the
cause of foodborne infections. Toxigenic
Vibrio cholerae that produces cholera
toxin is responsible for the deadly disease
‘cholera,’ which is coded as 001 in the
International Classification of the Diseases. Click here for details