Wastewater Effluent Discharge


ALS Malaysia, in collaboration with Chemopharm Sdn. Bhd., organised an Environmental Seminar on Wastewater Testing in May 2018.

Wastewater Seminar -16 May 2018

Wastewater treatment is a process of converting wastewater into an effluent that can be returned to water cycle to be used for other purposes.

To ensure an effective wastewater treatment, the removal of by-products and pollutants that allows for effluent discharge should be efficient and within the established environmental regulatory limits. The rise in population and production have resulted in the increasing of wastewater, thus making wastewater treatment very crucial to help balancing the water cycle.

This seminar on 16th May 2018 was very well received with participants from both government agencies and private companies. In this seminar, participants were exposed to the knowledge of workflow of wastewater treatment, as well as the technologies used for testing, such as optical ROD. In addition to that, they were introduced to the experience automation in microbial testing for E. coli and total coliform. With this seminar, participants are given some insights into workflow of wastewater treatment and testing methods. If you would like to attend our next Environmental Seminar in Malaysia, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your ALS representative to book your place.